Testimonials from some of our clients

Feedback on the Leadership from Within program and Executive Coaching

“Susan Grobler began her work with our Management Team program two years ago. During that time Susan facilitated the change process workshops ‘Leadership from Within’ with our team and also responsible for one on one coaching sessions with our Senior Management. Susan demonstrated an extraordinary professional yet human touch to the sessions which made the development process and the readdressing of work-life balance that much easier. She was able to take issues that were highlighted during the workshops and the personal interview process, tackles them head on with you, and really leads the process of change. Susan is completely dedicated and focused on the process of maximizing people’s talents and abilities. She has a passion for what she does and continually draws from her experiences in both her personal and corporate life to motivate you, and lead you in the right direction. I believe what Susan advocates should be a part of the school or tertiary curriculum. It can maximize your potential in your current work position, and add value to your home environment.
On a personal and professional note, I feel fortunate that our paths crossed and highly recommend what she has to offer.

Grant Dempsey, National Sales Manager

Manager feedback after a 2-day team intervention

I would like to start with a “one word feedback” from each team member:


Thank you for the motivation and inspiration you brought to our table. The team stepped out after the last session, and the “new found” positive energy, smiling faces and confidence – priceless!!!

Communication & support within the team improved. There is a clear understanding of who does what and the reason for certain requirements with specific deadlines.
A work planner was implemented – visible to all team members and updated daily / weekly / monthly by the responsible people.
The willingness to help and support others if, where & when possible, is clearly noticeable.

The team spirit is back and although we still have some of “those” days, we are able to discuss, brainstorm & implement / fix and move forward in a professional manner. And whilst we still face many challenges, I am confident that this team will grow and improve from good to great to significant!

Susan, and team, we thank you for your support, valuable input & awareness, motivation, guidance and usable tools.

It’s time to SHINE …there is never a dull moment in our team!

The primary benefits that some of our clients received from individual coaching
• To be a better, more efficient person in the corporate and family environment. I can honestly say that there isn’t a day that goes by that I have not thought about the ‘Leadership from Within’ program and the coaching in some way or another. This is my primary benefit/value
• To believe in others and myself and to lead by example
• Using my strengths, developing my weaknesses & believing in myself again, to work smarter.
• It is imperative to manage my personal life.
• We (my family) tend to neglect managing our household and focus too much on managing our professional lifestyles. It is important to have a balanced lifestyle.
• I learned to trust and what it takes to be trusted, I believe that I am a better manager for my staff because of this program.
• To see your ‘own’ faults, shortcomings and have somebody assisting you to overcome and better it
• Primarily, coaching helped me to evaluate issues from different angles and also helped to see, and probe issues, that I ordinarily wouldn’t even have been aware of! Susan would often (gently) push me out of my comfort zone and help me to “dig deeper” – which I found really helpful.
The personal attention. Focusing on what my needs are. You can open more to one person.
• Eye opener to spend more time with wife & kids.
• It was of great value to me as I had someone who listened to me and not judge me or look for hidden agendas.